What’s Your Motivation?

Is it a specific goal, a specific reward, music that helps keep you going. Maybe goal achievement charts, a work out partner, or an accountability partner….

All of the above?

It’s important to have a goal!

What is a goal?

noun the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aimend: Her goal was clear—to get accepted to Yale. The terminal point in a race. A pole, line, or other marker by which such a point is indicated. (dictionary.com)

A goal is a clearly defined personal objective…something to achieve within a specified time period. Without a goal you have no destination and wonder around aimlessly without any direction. No vision. No motivation. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day and loose sight of the vision but first you must have a true vision. There are so many directions I could go with this but I will try to stay on track.

Why have a goal?

Knowing precisely what you want to achieve gives you direction. It allows you to focus and stay on track. You no longer wonder around day to day aimlessly not getting anywhere. You have a focal point and can properly concentrate on creating the necessary steps to reach your goal.

Athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields set goals. Setting goals gives you motivation and long-term vision. It focuses your attention and activities, and helps you to organize your time and your resources accordingly so that you have a purpose. We all need a purpose.

It’s also important to clearly define the goals you set so you can measure your progress along the way. Setting goals also builds your self-confidence/self-esteem because it’s rewarding to recognize your own ability in achieving the goals that you’ve set and achieve that goal! Take pride in that achievement!

Take some time to brainstorm and discover your goals….make sure they are your goals and not your parents, friends, etc.–make sure that the goals that you have set are ones that you genuinely want to achieve. Commit to them by writing them down and verbally sharing them with others. Stay on track by measuring your achievement.

This is a continual process. There are many many goals to go after! What’s your goal and your why? Get out there and do it!

Keep it sunny!


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I am a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent. I enjoy running, hiking, kayaking and more. I believe it's important to be encouraging to others and help each other however we can. My goal is to provide positive inspiration, encouragement and education through my blog and social media sites.

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