Tomorrow is full of new possibilities

Time for a New Calendar

A fresh NEW YEAR, a fresh snowfall, a blank canvas

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As 2021 ends it’s time to pause and reflect on the passing year. It’s been a tough year for so many but it’s important to also focus on the good things that happened during the year and work to make a plan to have a better and brighter next year.

As 2022 begins its time to prepare for new adventures, new opportunities, new beginnings. Whether you take time to prepare resolutions or set goals one chapter is ending and a new one is beginning.

Our calendar starts blank….how will you fill it? Are you choosing how to fill your calendar or are you allowing others to fill it for you?

How do you stay on track to reach your goals or keep your priorities on track in your calendar…

What control do we actually have in our own schedules? How can we do more of the things we enjoy or want to do?

Are you overwhelmed? Does your calendar already have too much on it? Did you schedule time for yourself or schedule vacation?

Blank Printable Calendar 2022 PDF

Effective time management is key. In order to get control of your time you must first determine what is taking your time. To do this keep a journal and track it…write down everything you do and how much time it takes. Once you have done this, review it and determine how you can maximize the most use of your time. You should track it until you have a good sense of all the things you do.

One way to help maximize your time is to group similar tasks together. When you group similar tasks together your work flows more smoothly and you can get more done. You are more efficient and can focus better.

Have set times to maximize work flow. For example group meetings on the same day and have a designated time to read and reply to emails. This way you can get the most use of your time as your activities flow together. Get rid of your time wasters and create a better system to be more productive. By tracking your activities and the outcomes you will be able to figure out the things that waste your time that you shouldn’t be focusing on and rearrange your activities to obtain a more productive workflow.

Here’s a simple guide to follow—1) collect and gather all necessary information to properly track and analyze your daily activities; 2) identify all processes and workflows; 3) assess, evaluate, and analyze your workflow and daily activities; 4) remove ineffective activities; 5) group similar activities together 6) apply changes; 7) reassess and reapply as needed.  Make the most effective use of your time. Control your calendar for better outcomes and more success.

Make the time to plan and control your time effectively otherwise you end up wasting time running around in circles and getting nothing done. Tackle top priorities first thing when you have the most energy. Stay focused. Try to touch things only one time. Remember to schedule exercise, relaxation, personal time with family and friends, eating, and sleeping as well as those essential tasks. There are 1440 minutes in every day and 365 days in the year. Learn to control them and use them wisely.

Here’s to 2022! May it be a Fresh New Year filled with good health and positive changes. Tomorrow is full of new possibilities. Time to change the calendar to a new year, new opportunities, a fresh new chapter. Choose how you will fill it. Create and establish your goals. Manage your 1440 minutes every day. Stay safe, healthy and positive. Share positivity with others. Here’s to a better and brighter year! May you be blessed with good health, happiness and success.

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