Changing of the Seasons is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty, the better temperatures and to do a fall home check-up before the colder temperatures and snow arrive (yes I said the “s” word…unfortunately, it will be here before we know it). I definitely am not wishing away the Fall Season and I truly hope it is long and great for us!


Fall is my favorite! However, it is also that time of year to do your Fall Clean-up. Here is a list of some of the important items you should be sure to include in your Fall Clean-up.


  • Have your Heating System cleaned and inspected by a qualified heating technician before using it. Before the technician shows up this is also a good time to check around your furnace and clear it of any clutter or storage boxes that may have built up during the summer. Make sure it is clear of obstructions. This is also true around your electrical box and water tank. It could make it difficult and create hazards if you need to get to any of these in the event of an emergency.
  • Chimneys and Fireplaces also need to be inspected and cleaned. Build-up from creosote can easily ignite and cause chimney fires which cause extensive damages to homes and cause expensive fire and smoke losses.
  • Roofs should be looked over for missing or loose shingles that should be repaired or replaced before winter winds and snow arrive.
  • Gutters–although the Fall leaves are beautiful in color they cause damage in gutters as the leaves rot and clog your gutters causing the water to not drain correctly and could cause water back-up into your roof and walls or cause water overflow onto the ground which freezes causing slip and fall hazards. Be sure to have them cleaned and inspected to make sure they remain properly attached to your home and are working correctly and free of debris.
  • Pipes. Be sure to shut off water supply to your outside faucets and put away any outdoor hoses. Also check the pipes inside your home to make sure they are properly insulated prioritizing those closest to the exterior walls. Most hardware stores carry fitted insulation that easily wraps around any pipe (be sure and shop local small businesses when you can).
  • Windows and Doors. Walk around your windows and doors checking for any drafts by simply placing your hand near the seals. If it’s drafty our local hardware stores also have easy seal repair kits to help seal those drafts and keep you warmer and save you on your heating costs.
  • Replace batteries in all Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your home. Check them and make sure they are in working order. This should be done every six months so keep it on your Spring list also.
  • Check the expiration dates on your Fire Extinguishers. Make sure they are in convenient places and fully charged.
  • Check the items in your First Aid Kits and replenish and replace items as needed.
  • Clean Vents. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and space under and behind the dryer. Remove lint and dust that may have accumulated inside the dryer in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Also check the vents outside your home for the dryer and fans to make sure they are free from obstruction and are properly functioning.
  • Make sure any Contractors you hire have proper Insurance in place for the jobs they are doing for you. Simply ask them to contact their insurance provider to provide you with proof of their insurance.
  • Keep your Insurance Agent updated with any improvements and updates you make to your home and see if any credits can be added to your policy for those updates.
  • Reach out to your local insurance agent with any questions or concerns. We live, shop and support local and are here for you.

The steps you take during the fall can help protect your home and property from more potentially expensive damage and emergency repairs in the colder months to come.

Don’t forget to Enjoy The Fall Season as well….apple picking, hayrides, bonfires and so much more. What’s your favorite Fall activity?

Stay safe, healthy and positive!


Published by sunnyvibes16

I am a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent. I enjoy running, hiking, kayaking and more. I believe it's important to be encouraging to others and help each other however we can. My goal is to provide positive inspiration, encouragement and education through my blog and social media sites.

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