Winter Blues???

Most definitions define Winter as the coldest season of the year between Autumn and Spring. The time between December Solstice to March Equinox. Also referred to as the colder and darker days of the year. No wonder there is a phrase referred to as “The Winter Blues”… but is this a real thing? And if yes, where did it come from? Rather than focus on this–let’s remember the joys of winter and ways to not allow this thing called “the winter blues” into our mindset to begin with.

Do you remember what your favorite childhood activities where in the winter months? Was it ever “too cold” to go outside to enjoy those activities?

Remember When

Did you have a local sledding spot? I did. It wasn’t far from my home and all the neighborhood kids would go here to sled during the winter. We used to pull our sleds behind us up the hill and then sled down over and over again. We’d pack as many as we could on a sled sometimes too. We’d try different sleds (flying saucers, toboggans, wooden sleds, and whatever else we could find that might work) to change it up even. We’d be all bundled up in our snow suits so even when you crashed it didn’t hurt much…most of the time. We would break for lunch and before you knew it it would be dark and we were still having fun. Was it cold? Probably–it was Aroostook County. However, it was so much fun and we kept moving so we didn’t notice or care that I can remember. Which brings me to think–is it really cold or is it our mindset telling us it is.

We also had an outside skating rink downtown we used to go to. I remember my Dad teaching us how to skate around the rink and holding our hands trying to keep us from falling on his one day off a week. Once we were a little older we would get dropped off and skate for hours. There was a little warming hut (not sure how because I do not recall it was even heated but it was an enclosed structure with four walls and a roof to get in out of the wind and cold and warm up a few minutes or try to thaw out your frozen toes or hands). I even remember always wanting money to buy a cup of hot cocoa to warm up. That cocoa was so hot you couldn’t even drink it without burning your mouth because you couldn’t wait for it to cool off a little. I’m pretty sure it was only 25 cents or 30 cents also.

In the meadow we can build a snowman….

Other winter activities included making snowmen, snow angels, snow-ball fights, building forts and digging tunnels. Oh and don’t forget playing king of the mountain at school recess time. As you get older you progress to snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or maybe even ice-fishing.

Newer outside activities that I either didn’t know about growing up as a kid in the county or they truly are newer activities include snow tubing, ice-castles, and even ice-bars.

What are your favorite winter memories and activities? What type of sled was your favorite? Did you have a favorite sledding spot?

Mindset change from Winter Blues to Winter Fun

Remember your joys of winter as a child. Bring back that winter fun even if for only 10-15 minutes a couple times a week it will make a noticeable difference in how you view winter and getting out of the mindset of the winter blues. Try a new one. Find one you enjoy and do it! Get out there and play! Enjoy the little and simple things again. Have some winter fun again!

Choose to overcome and focus on the positives! There truly is beauty all around us in each and every season. It’s your mindset–your choice. Choose wisely and enjoy.


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I am a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent. I enjoy running, hiking, kayaking and more. I believe it's important to be encouraging to others and help each other however we can. My goal is to provide positive inspiration, encouragement and education through my blog and social media sites.

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